Team communication in a

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Complete, secure work environment

Desk phone turned mobile as a office chat app

Separate business from personal

Zangi for Business is a dedicated business space with only corresponding contacts.

Сollaborate freely

Only encrypted exchanges

2048-bit End-to-End encryption for all messaging, file, photo, video transfer and audio/video streams.

Instead of a long email, use a private team communication platform

No-trace communication

No data is ever saved on any servers, clouds or other repositories.

Keep up to date,

Special tech, made for conferencing

Quality conferencing is possible for an unlimited number of participants.

Zangi for business communication solutions Zangi for business communication solutions Zangi for business communication solutions

Want an on-premises version of the app?

We can provide the Zangi for Business app, self-hosted fully on your side.

Simple messenger. Smooth conferencing. Secure space.

Instead of using Zoom for conferencing, Slack for team communication, and Signal for secure calls, simplify your worklife. Do all in one place.

Zangi is a simple messenger like Whatsapp,
Zangi is a smooth conferencing app like Zoom,
Zangi is a private space like Slack,
And a secure tool like Signal.

Save time and resources with Zangi, start using one instead of many.

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How it works: Zangi for Business

First, add all your team with their work emails.

Create an account with us, and you’ll receive an email with admin panel login credentials. Once inside the panel, go to the “Users” section → “New User”. Enter all your team’s emails.

Multi-leveled strong security by Zangi for business
The most powerful file transfer is why zangi is the best

Gather all your team in the Zangi Business app.

All users added in the panel will be emailed info on how to join your network. The email includes a link to download the app, and a unique connection link for users to auto-register & enter the app.

After the free trial, add your credit card.

Once you’ve given the admin panel and the business app a test run, and are ready to start your billing period, go to the “Billing” section to add a credit card and purchase the paid plan.

The fastest messaging technology by Zangi business

You will have full support during this endeavor. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please email

No-trace, secure calls, messages & conferecing.
Your full enterprise communication app.