Why Zangi?

We have built innovative 5G Standard Internet Transport Technologies, which power our highly secure, fast & reliable communication platform.

Why Zangi uses 5G Standard Internet Transport Technologies

Multi-leveled strong security

Zangi uses 3-leveled encryption to secure the entire journey of calls and messages, from start to finish, and during transport.
The 3 encryption levels are: Encrypted Proprietary Handshaking Mechanism, Dynamic Channel Encryption and End-to-End encryption.

Multi-leveled strong security by Zangi for business
The most powerful file transfer is why zangi is the best

The most powerful file transfer

Zangi transfers files 3X faster than other internet services. Users can send any sized files, at extremely high speeds.
And it’s fail-resistant. If something unexpected happens: your internet/WIFI changes, your phone freezes, etc, you don’t need to start your download from scratch. Come back and continue downloading from where you left off.

The fastest messaging technology

With Zangi users can instantly send and share text messages, photos, voice, and video recordings, GIFs, or any other files. They can record voice and video messages with a single tap.

The fastest messaging technology by Zangi business
Low data usage by Zangi, save 6X data

Low data usage

Zangi consumes 6X less mobile data than any other messenger. With Zangi’s “Low Data Mode” travelers save tons of money on data roaming. They can make inexpensive phone calls without the need to buy local SIM cards.
Make up to 7 minute calls consuming just 1 MB. Get more for your money.

Crystal-clear voice on every call and voice message

Have HD, clean and uninterrupted voice calls on Zangi. The Zangi app uses Opus HD codec for voice calls.Zangi technologies also give the ability to recover lost voice and video data to keep your communication going, and so that you never miss a word.

Crystal-clear voice on every call and voice message
Smooth uninterrupted HD video, why Zangi for business

Smooth uninterrupted HD video

Zangi powers HD video calls with photo-realistic colors that are smooth and never cut, freezed or pixilated. Designed to work even with slow and crowded networks (from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks) Zangi adapts to the connection available, providing the best stability and speeds.

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