Get your own self-hosted team app

Enterprise communication app, set up on your company servers.

Self hosted messenger and desktop

Make your communication truly private. Trust no one

Secure team messenger for calls, messaging, and file transfer

For companies and communities who value privacy & security the most, we give you a communication app with no-trace technologies, hosted on your own company servers.

Finally be able to communicate freely and securely within your fully private team app.

Self hosted instant messaging technologies
On-Premises Team Chat App
Get a ready made private team communication app

Get a ready made app

Complete desktop and mobile team solution for your enterprise

Fully on-premises team chat app

Fully on-premises

Zangi on-premises app is fixed on your company servers or cloud

No third party access

No third party access

Your servers are separate from Zangi and any 3rd party applications

The only way to entirely secure your
team communication

Because the app is on your servers, no external access is possible. Your enterprise communication is fully secure and will only belong to you.

Self-hosted team app

Self-hosted team app on
 your own servers

Military-Grade end-to-end encryption

Military-Grade end-to-end 
Encryption for your calls, messaging and file-sharing

Deployed strictly in-house communication system

Deployed strictly in-house, the system will work only
 with your IPs and domains

Privately distributed communication app

Privately distributed.
Available & visible only to 
your team members

No data leaks.

This is a safe space

Be confident in transferring private documents and having confidential conversations.

A multi-layered military grade encryption mechanism in every data exchange.

Cutting-edge Zangi technology in every feature

Enjoy robust call quality, messaging and instant file transfer.

4+ member conference calls


Text & group messaging

Instant file transfer

Audio & video calls

In/Out VoIP terminations

Stay connected even with slow internet

Zangi works perfectly even in crowded places because of its smart adaptive technology. Poor wi-fi and low data is no longer a problem.

HD audio & video calling

High-definition resolution with photo-realistic colors and crystal clear voice. Enjoy the brilliant quality of video and audio on your calls.

No delays or interruptions

Host your communication with Zangi technology, which uses the least bandwidth, and recovers lost voice and video data.

private enterprise communication app for file transfer




Faster than any other internet data delivery. Never experience transfer interruptions, even during unstable, weak connections.
*Thanks to Zangi’s 5G-standard protocol


If something unexpected happens: your WIFI changes, your phone freezes, etc, continue downloading from where you left off.

No File or Size Limitations

Send files of any format. Even huge files are transferred in the blink of an eye.

Want your own branded app?

Super Exclusive
Get a tailor-made communication app, designed exclusively for your company.

A very big call. Coming soon.

250-member conference calls

Enjoy great connection and performance, photo-realistic colors and crystal clear voice. Even in a conference call
 with up to 250 members.

Extend your options

Upon Request

No Internet is no obstacle.

No Internet is no obstacle

If you have an internal network, you can use
 the Zangi app even without internet connection.
 Great for use in airports, 
public transportation, cruise ships, schools,
 rural areas, etc.

Integrating office phone

Integrating office phone

If you're already using a business deck
phone in your office, you can effortlessly
 connect a team communication app to your existing system.

Leaving no trace, on-premises.
Get your own self-hosted team app.